Itineris is a modular software that supports the whole product development cycle, integrating processes and data starting from product definition to production, always focusing on the different requirements, perspectives and business objectives.

Itineris is the perfect companion for PLM-ERP-CRM systems to cover all processes that are too complex or expensive to manage with these tools.

Using extremely flexible technologies Itineris always covers the requirements to support your business in every new challenge. With a single tool, Itineris can integrate all the information coming from rigid systems or scattered in hundreds of spreadsheets, always delivering the desired information under different perspectives.

How it works


Itineris integrates data starting from product planning and definition stage to production, focusing over the different requirement perspectives, processes and business objectives.

Modular software


Itineris is always perfectly sized on your needs allowing you to use your PLM-ERP system for their basic functions while covering the needs of your specific know-how that make your business unique.

Our experience in managing extremely dynamic processes combined with the modularity of our software, allows Keeneight to always deliver the most cost effective integration between Itineris and your business.

What if you don’t already have a PLM-ERP? Don’t worry we can get you covered, giving you a tool tailored on your requirements.

Different approach


The governance of our projects is delegated to project/program managers with great experience. We apply proven methods and models, even though the approach is constantly updated, integrating design paradigms such as Agile or others.

Every new Keeneight customer is assigned a dedicated Implementation Manager who is responsible for the successful rollout of Itineris. Your Implementation Manager will provide deep product expertise and best-practice advice, along with disciplined project management skills, to configure and deploy Itineris to meet the needs of your business.

Keeneight follows a strict methodology for every implementation project, which includes on-site discovery and requirements documentation, collaborative solution design, extensive testing, user training, change management, and post-implementation guidance.