Unique goals


Keeneight Professional Services is responsible for implementing our products to meet each customer’s unique business goals, and for ensuring that every customer realizes the maximum return on investment.

Keeneight has built its success on a solid culture of IT management. We assist customers who want to design their model for planning and managing projects according to recognized standards, select their project portfolio management tool and define the processes for continuous improvement of PMO practices. We know how to work in different contexts, focusing on the business needs and processes of our customers.

Keeneight offers a variety of training courses to meet the needs of everyone in your organization who interacts with Keeneight products or needs to learn IT and methodology skills. Each course is tailored to fit your business processes. Courses are offered in an on-site classroom format, but many are also available as interactive web-based classes.


Our company takes care of the entire solution architecture, from requirements gathering and process analysis to agile development, implementation, and training. These solutions are built to meet the client needs that evolve every time.


We are the best partner for all companies that want to exploit the actual IT infrastructure. It is important to promote realistic and cost-effective integrations, delivering results from the start.


Our goal is to assist customers in making the right changes. It is important to ensure that these innovations are compatible with their real needs, reducing costs without curbing the development of resources nor decrease motivation.


Together with the customer, we take care of managing and implementing exhaustive IT structures, guided by their processes. These solutions will exploit all the opportunities offered by the most innovative technologies.


Technological research is aimed at the creation of new customized products on request and the constant innovation of existing ones. Development is an iterative process: changes are implemented quickly and efficiently.


Keeneight support is linked to all needs in product design, from concept to production, with a deep knowledge of all modern CAD, CAE, and PLM systems.